ֲýƵ’s College has a proud sporting tradition and each year participates competitively in more than 20 different sports.
While the likes of football and cricket may attract many headlines, the College has a proud history in many Olympic sports, particularly rowing and athletics.
Among our alumni we have ten Olympians, including four medallists.

Please see below for the full list of SPC Old Boys to have represented Australia at the Olympics.


Old Boy Olympians

Number Name Years at SPC Olympics attended Events Results
1 Brian Vear 1952-60 1960 Rome Olympics Rowing – Coxless Four 10th
1964 Tokyo Olympics Rowing – Men’s Eight 8th
2 Tony Benson 1957-61 1972 Munich Olympics Athletics – 5000m 20th
3 Bryan Thomas 1974-78 1988 Seoul Olympics Canoe/Kayaking – K4 1000m 4th
4 Paul Reedy 1975-78 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Rowing – Quad Sculls 2nd, Silver Medal
1988 Seoul Olympics Rowing – Quad Sculls 5th
5 Steve Moneghetti 1975-80 1988 Seoul Olympics Marathon 5th
1992 Barcelona Olympics Marathon 48th
1996 Atlanta Olympics Marathon 7th
2000 Sydney Olympics Marathon 10th
6 Anthony Edwards 1985-90 1996 Atlanta Olympics Rowing Lightweight Double Scull 3rd, Bronze Medal
2000 Sydney Olympics Rowing Lightweight Four 2nd, Silver Medal
2004 Athens Olympics Rowing Lightweight Four 2nd, Silver Medal
2008 Beijing Olympics Rowing Lightweight Four 9th
2012 London Olympics Rowing Lightweight Four 4th
7 Christian Ryan 1992-95 2000 Sydney Olympics Rowing Men’s Eight 2nd, Silver Medal
8 James Marburg 2000-05 2008 Beijing Olympics Rowing Men’s Four 2nd, Silver Medal
2012 London Olympics Rowing Men’s Pair 5th
9 Joshua Coward 2015 2021 Tokyo Olympics Rugby 7s 7th
10 Nathan Sobey 2008 2021 Tokyo Olympics Basketball 3rd, Bronze Medal