Music and Performing Arts

Classroom music is a compulsory subject for all Years 7 and 8 students and is an elective subject in Years 9–12.

Our classroom music focuses on contemporary music repertoire, such as film and popular music, and integrates music technology such as Digital Audio Workstations.

It provides a highly flexible learning environment and activities to cater for the diversity of skills and interest from our student cohort.

Students experience music making through learning a range of instruments such as keyboard, tuned percussion, guitar, ukulele, melodica, drums and auxiliary percussions as well as engaging in practical activities that provide lots of opportunity for them to make decisions on how to perform, manipulate and create their very own musical arrangement, fostering all rounded musicians and individuality.

Brass and woodwinds instruments are highly welcome and encouraged to be used during class activities for those who are taking up music lessons at or already learning outside the College.

The College also runs an extensive co-curricular Instrumental Music Program, providing opportunities for students to undertake private music lessons.

We offer a comprehensive range of instruments choices with our highly experienced and specialised instrumental music tutors (IMTs).

Students who are taking up music lessons are invited to participate in a wide range of ensembles, such as Junior Band, Inter Band, Senior Stage Senior Band, Symphonic Winds Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Contemporary Band, Guitar Ensemble, based on their progress and interests.

These ensembles perform and compete numerous local and statewide music events, including ACCent on Music at Hamer Hall, Royal South Street Festival, Victorian State Music Festival and the Geelong Eisteddfod.

Students also perform at a variety of school and community-based events.

Any Year 7 students taking up music lessons will be provided with free access to a musical instrument in their first year of learning.

Instrument hire fees will only apply from the second year of learning.