SPC Care

Community is at the core of 乐播传媒视频鈥檚 College.

The school cares about its people.

From current students and parents, to staff and Old Collegians 鈥 their safety and wellbeing is always of the highest importance.

Which is why the College is launching a new program 鈥 SPC Care 鈥 dedicated to harnessing the power of this community to support those in times of need.

When members of our community fall on hard times, through sickness or accident, unemployment or hardship 鈥 SPC Care aims to be there to help in any way possible.

The College has for many years overseen several means of assisting our community during dark times, now SPC Care brings all these arms of wellbeing under the one umbrella.聽 These include:

*听SPC Foundation Bursaries聽鈥 funds are generally used to pay school fees and associated costs for those in our community who may otherwise be unable to afford an SPC education

*听Chris Yeung Fund聽鈥 funds are used to specifically assist current families of SPC where a father is suffering mental illness

*听OCA Pastoral Care Program 鈥撀provides day-to-day relief and respite for former students and their families, ranging from home-cooked meals and meal gift vouchers, to utilising volunteer resources for menial asks to larger, more complex scenarios.

*听Deputy Headmaster-Wellbeing聽鈥 assists current students and families experiencing times of extreme hardship. This may include accident, illness, unemployment, death, loss of home and assistance often takes the form of vouchers, tickets, meals and clothing.

How you can contribute

Non-monetary donations

Perhaps you would love to assist one or all of these programs but are not in a financial position to do so. There are others ways in which you can help.

The College would very gratefully accept gifts of volunteers offering their time to help those in need.

Perhaps you could mow an Old Collegian鈥檚 lawn when he is suffering with a broken hip, or perhaps you could cook a meal for a family where unemployment has struck.

The College would also love to hear from businesses who may be able to offer vouchers or professional assistance and advice for those in need.

Should you with to contribute in such ways please contact the College and ask to speak with our Director of Development or our Alumni and Foundation Officer. Alternately, if you would like to register as a volunteer you can easily do so at .


It may be that you are not able to help right now but would consider a future financial gift or bequest, which would assist both current and future students of the College.

If you feel that 乐播传媒视频鈥檚 College in some way has played a precious and significant part in your life today, then through your generous support you can help us serve the needs of future generations of young men who will 鈥榮tick with the Green, White and Blue鈥. A bequest is a tangible way that you can show this support and in your own way maintain the tradition of giving that has assisted generations of 鈥楶addy Boys鈥.

After making provision for your family, you may wish to make a bequest to 乐播传媒视频鈥檚 College, Ballarat. Such a gift could be any one or a combination of:

  • a specific amount of money;
  • a specific asset, for example shares, property, life insurance policies, artworks; or
  • a nominated proportion or share in the residue of your estate.

In making a bequest to the College it is recommended that you contact your solicitor.

We would greatly appreciate if you would in confidence, and without obligation, let the College鈥檚 Director of Development know your intentions so that we can thank you for your support on a more personal basis. If you are so inclined we would like to share with you significant College events so that you can experience first-hand the potential of your gift to change the life of a boy in the future.

Financial contribution

SPC Care looks to bring all our giving programs under the one umbrella, administered by the SPC Foundation. In donating you can choose exactly which area of SPC Care you want to support. You may like to donate to one, or to two, or to all of them.

All donations to SPC care are 100% tax deductible.

All monies raised through SPC Care will be used directly to support members of our community in their time of need. Your donation could, in essence, become an investment should you require assistance in the future.

All administration and costs associated with SPC Care are covered by the College.

To make a financial contribution please click聽. Any donation, no matter how large or small, will be put to great use helping people in our SPC community.

Alternately, you can download the SPC Care Prospectus at this link, fill out the forms and send back to the College.